Main Photo of adc-pcie-xmc carrier Board: XMC half-length PCIe Gen2 carrier one XMC CardPhoto 1 of adc-pcie-xmcPhoto 2 of adc-pcie-xmc


  • XMC Carrier card for PCI Express® based systems
  • Breakout of mezzanine board I/O
  • No additional software or drivers needed as PCI Express® lanes are connected directly to XMC site.


  • Adapter for PCI-Express workstations.


PC plug-in (half length) card to allow one XMC boards to be used in the PC.

The ADC-PCIE-XMC is a half length PCI Express® card designed to carry a single XMC. It can support the use of x1, x2,x4 and x8 PCIe Gen2 signalling environments in x8 or x16 PCIe slots. The XMC site on the card supports up to on x8 PCIe or two x4 PCIe links. VPWR provided to the XMC site is set to 12V.

Alpha Data is a government-approved vendor and U.S. Government customers can purchase directly through the GSA Website.

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