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  • Board Format : XMC
  • Host I/F : PCI Express® Gen2 x4
  • Target Device(s) : Xilinx Virtex-7 {XC7V585T,XC7VX330T,XC7VX485T,XC7VX690T} (FF(G)1761, FH(G)1761 or FLG(G)1761)
  • SDRAM : 2GByte in 4 independent banks (512MBytes/bank) of DDR3 SDRAM @ DDR-1600.. Alternatively, 4Gbit devices can be fitted giving 4GByte on board in 4 banks of 1GByte. or 8Gbit devices can be fitted giving 8GByte on board in 4 banks of 2GByte
  • FLASH : Configuration Flash providing an initialisation design for automatic loading into the target FPGA.
  • Drivers for Microsoft Windows™, Linux and VxWorks
  • The ADM-XRC Gen3 SDK provides the example C and HDL source code, giving software engineers and FPGA designers a head start in creating applications.


  • Radar/Sonar Beamforming
  • Image/Video Processing
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Data Encryption

ADM-XRC-7V1 Summary

The ADM-XRC-7V1 is a high performance reconfigurable XMC (compliant to VITA Standard 42.0 and 42.3) based on the Xilinx Virtex-7 range of Platform FPGAs.

Features include PCI Express® Gen2 interface, external memory, high density I/O, system monitoring and flash boot facilities.

A comprehensive cross platform API with support for Microsoft Windows™, Linux and VxWorks provides access to the full functionality of these hardware features.

Placing the PCI Express® bridge in bypass allows the creation of a Gen 2 x8 PCI Express® endpoint design directly into the target FPGA. Target FPGAs VX330T and VX690T can also support Gen3 x8 PCI Express® designs.

The optional fitting of the Pn4 connector provides an additional 64 General Purpose IO (GPIO) links to the carrier card.

The ADM-XRC-7V1 is available in a cost reduced form for high-volume production orders (the build option removes the Virtex-6 Bridge device).

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