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  • Board Format : PCIe half width card
  • Host I/F : PCI Express® x8
  • Target Device(s) : Xilinx Virtex-5 {LX110T, LX155T, LX220T, LX330T, SX240T, FX100T, FX130T, FX200T} (FFG1738)
  • SDRAM : 1GByte in 4 independent banks of DDR-II SDRAM 64M x 32-bits @ 333MHz
  • SSRAM : 4MByte QDR-II SSRAM in 2 independent banks 1M x 18-bits . (compatible with Xilinx MIG controllers). Only fitted on boards fitted with LX330T, SX3240T or FX200T.. No SSRAM fitted otherwise.
  • FLASH : 4MByte serial Flash
  • FLASH : Configuration Flash providing an initialisation design for automatic loading into the target FPGA.
  • Drivers for Microsoft Windows™, Linux and VxWorks
  • The ADM-XRC Gen 2 SDK provides the example C and HDL source code, giving software engineers and FPGA designers a head start in creating applications.


  • Military, Aerospace, High Performance Computing, Scientific/Instrumentation, Broadcast, Medical/Bioinformatics, Telecoms, Security

ADPE-XRC-5T Summary

The ADPE-XRC-5T is a high performance reconfigurable PCI Express® Card based on the Xilinx Virtex-5 range of Platform FPGAs.

Features include high speed PCIe interface, QDR-II SSRAM, DDR-II SDRAM, VITA57 FMC high density I/O, programmable clocks, temperature monitoring, battery backed encryption and flash boot facilities.

A comprehensive cross platform API with support for Microsoft Windows™, Linux and VxWorks provides access to the full functionality of these hardware features.

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