Main Photo of xrm-adc-s4-3g I/O Module:  Single Analog to Digital Convertors 8-bit at 3GHz sampling rate. Includes ext clock and trigger inputsPhoto 1 of xrm-adc-s4-3gPhoto 2 of xrm-adc-s4-3gPhoto 3 of xrm-adc-s4-3g


  • Single ADC Input
  • Clock In
  • Clock Out
  • Auxiliary I/O port
  • Dual external synchronisation ports
  • The XRM has built-in thermal monitoring of the ADC
  • Example UCF, HDL files and Application software are provided with the board.


  • IF/Baseband Signal Sampling

XRM-ADC-S4/3G Summary

The XRM-ADC-S4/3G is an I/O Module which provides a single channel Analog to Digital convertor with 8-bit resolution at sampling rates up to 3GHz.

The XRM is aimed at IF/Baseband Signal Sampling. An external clock source may be used or an internally generated clock can be used to provide the sampling clock. An Auxiliary I/O port is provided for use as a trigger input and general purpose signaling. An additional two ports are available for use as high-speed interconnect between boards for synchronisation.

The built-in thermal monitor allows the user to check the operating temperature of the ADC. Provided as part of the sample design is the functionality to read the temperature of the device, and software to monitor this and recalibrate the ADC if the thermal drift is sufficient. The software will also shut the ADC down if the device starts to go over the maximum operating temperature.

Note: To ensure XRMs and XRM2s cannot be inadvertently installed on non-compatible FPGA platform boards the XRM2 connectors are mounted rotated 180° from those on XRM IO Modules. Most photographs of our mature XRM IO Modules are of the XRM version.

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