Main Photo of xrm-clink-mini I/O Module: XRM-CLINK-MINI : Provides single dual or full Camera Link Interface for video/image capture and processing.Photo 1 of xrm-clink-miniPhoto 2 of xrm-clink-mini


  • Full Cameralink interface
  • Dual Base Cameralink interfaces
  • Example UCF, HDL files and Application software are provided with the board.


  • Video Frame Grabber
  • Image Processing
  • Video Communications


The XRM-CLINK-MINI is an I/O Module which provides an industry standard CameraLink interface.

It provides the user with the ability to implement computationally-intensive applications such as frame grabbers, digital video communications and image processing systems in the FPGA when using a compatible camera.

The XRM-CLINK-MINI board supports the -FULL and -DB (Dual BASE)CameraLink configuration and is designed to connect to the remote camera via the standard 26-way cableform. When used with the example code, any of the formats specified by the interface configuration may be implemented.

Full user control of the standard camera control lines and serial interface are provided.

LEDs under user control can be programmed to act as link status indicators etc as required.

For further information about Alpha Data Camera Link products visit our Camera Link Overview Page

Note: To ensure XRMs and XRM2s cannot be inadvertently installed on non-compatible FPGA platform boards the XRM2 connectors are mounted rotated 180° from those on XRM IO Modules. Most photographs of our mature XRM IO Modules are of the XRM version.

Alpha Data is a government-approved vendor and U.S. Government customers can purchase directly through the GSA Website.

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To see all of Alpha Data GSA approved products visit our GSA Approved Products Page.

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