Main Photo of xrm-dac-d4-1g I/O Module: Dual Digital to Analog Interfaces - 16-bit at 1Gsps, also has ext clock and trigger I/OPhoto 1 of xrm-dac-d4-1gPhoto 2 of xrm-dac-d4-1g


  • Dual 16-bit DACs up to 1GHz
  • External Clock Input
  • Trigger I/O port
  • Auxiliary I/O port
  • No specific software required


  • IF/Baseband data signal generation

XRM-DAC-D4/1G Summary

The XRC-DAC-D4/1G is an I/O Module which provides two 16-bit Digital-to-Analog convertors sampling at up to 1GHz.

It is aimed at IF/Baseband signal generation, provision is made for use of either an external or internally generated clock source. External trigger and auxiliary I/O ports are also provided.

Note: To ensure XRMs and XRM2s cannot be inadvertently installed on non-compatible FPGA platform boards the XRM2 connectors are mounted rotated 180° from those on XRM IO Modules. Most photographs of our mature XRM IO Modules are of the XRM version.

Alpha Data is a government-approved vendor and U.S. Government customers can purchase directly through the GSA Website.

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