Main Photo of xrm-hd-sdi I/O Module: XRM-HD-SDI : Dual HDTV I/O Interfaces for video cpture/processing and or retransmission.Photo 1 of xrm-hd-sdiPhoto 2 of xrm-hd-sdi


  • Dual HDTV/SDTV Serial data stream inputs
  • Dual HDTV/SDTV Serial data stream outputs
  • On board 108MHz Crsytal oscillator
  • Example UCF, HDL files and Application software are provided with the board.


  • Image processing for HDTV or SDTV

XRM-HD-SDI Summary

The XRM-HD-SDI is an I/O Module which provides the ability to connect to HDTV or SDTV serial data streams.

Connectivity to both input and output streams are provided using industry standard 75 Ω BNC connectors. Input and output channels are independently configured as balanced or unbalanced. Automatic cable equalisation is provided for the input stream while the output is buffered by a cable driver which can be configured for either SD or HD operation. Both the cable equaliser and driver are compatible with DVB-ASI, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 344M and SMPTE 259M specifications.

XRM-HD-SDI related documents

Datasheet (0.35MB)

User Manual (0.15MB)

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