ADM-XRC Based FPGA Products


The ADM-XRC SDK is a set of resources that assist the creation of applications using Alpha Data's ADM-XRC range of reconfigurable computing hardware. The ADM-XRC SDK consists of the following components:

The ADM-XRC SDK is free of charge to all customers who have purchased Alpha Data reconfigurable computing hardware.

Note: Alpha Data reserves the right to issue periodic updates in order to add new functionality, add support for new hardware and correct defects.

The ADM-XRC SDK can be downloaded for the following operating systems: Windows, Linux and VxWorks.

ADM-XRC Driver

The ADM-XRC Driver is the runtime package that enables an application developed using the ADM-XRC SDK to run on the target hardware. It is available for the following operating systems:

The ADM-XRC Driver can be downloaded for the following operating systems Windows, Linux and VxWorks.

Please contact Alpha Data Support about support for other operating systems.

Latest Alpha Data Drivers and SDK Information

Windows Linux VxWorks
ADM-XRC SDK 4.9.3 2.8.1

Contact Alpha Data for further information on support for VxWorks for these products.

ADM-XRC Driver 3.17 4.3.0b1

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