Alpha Data and Helion Technology collaborate to deliver hardware accelerated LZ77 based lossless compression.

ADM-PCIE-KU3-LZ77 Block diagram

30th March, 2017: Edinburgh, Scotland

Alpha Data and Helion announce a partnership to deliver hardware accelerated LZ77 based lossless Compression solutions to the Data Center market. Alpha Data has verified the performance of the Helion LZ77 Compression core with the Xilinx KU060 FPGA on the ADM-PCIE-KU3 FPGA accelerator card. A turnkey solution is available for customers without the expertise to develop FPGA designs, to allow them to deploy this accelerated hardware. Helion LZ77 Compression cores can be used in a wide range of network, storage and acceleration applications in the data center: contact Helion for IP licensing information. Alpha Data provides a range of deployable FPGA accelerator cards suitable for accelerated network and storage interfacing as well as computational tasks such as data compression.

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About Helion

Founded in 1992, Helion is a long established British company based in Cambridge, England. They offer a range of product-proven Data Security and Lossless Compression IP cores, backed by a team of highly experienced engineers, proudly developing and supporting a world-class portfolio.

About Alpha Data

Established in 1993, Alpha Data is a world leader in high performance Xilinx FPGA based plug-in acceleration boards for Data Center and high-performance computing applications including video processing, machine learning, and network acceleration. Alpha Data’s low-cost, power-efficient accelerators leverage Xilinx’s All Programmable FPGAs and the SDAccel development environment for Open CL, C and C++ to accelerate processing, increase data throughput, and deliver power optimized solutions for computing clusters. Designed to be server-friendly for large scale data center deployment, Alpha Data’s range of FPGA accelerator boards are all in a low-profile PCIe format with passive cooling.

Alpha Data also offers a Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) enabled acceleration kit featuring Xilinx Ultrascale™ FPGAs. CAPI on Power8/9 systems provides a high-performance solution for the implementation of client-specific, computation-heavy algorithms on an FPGA. Alpha Data’s high-reliability hardware platforms are ideal for development as well as full-scale production deployment.

ISC HIGH PERFORMANCE 2017 (Frankfurt, Germany)

18-22nd Jun 2017

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Alpha Data is exhibiting at ISC (Booth D-1150).

Contact: David Miller for further information.

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