Alpha Data exhibits at 2022 Space-Comm Expo

Alpha Data was delighted to attend this year’s Space-Comm Expo, where the team took its place among a distinguished cohort of exhibitors on the showroom floor.

Held at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre from 7-8th of September, Space-Comm Expo is the premier gathering for the UK’s space industry leaders. In its second year, the event convenes the UK’s leading suppliers and service providers to showcase their latest products and solutions.

The Alpha Data booth’s principal feature was its brand-new Versal DevKit for Space 2.0. The most recent addition to Alpha Data’s catalogue of performance computing solutions, the new product, the ADM-VA600, is based on the revolutionary Xilinx XQR Versal AI Core VC1902 ACAP.

“This new kit brings together industry leading high-performance computing from AMD Xilinx and radiation hardened products from Texas Instruments and Teledyne e2v”, said David Miller, Managing Director at Alpha Data. “The ADM-VA600 showcased at the events is designed to enable customers through rapid development and deployment of a complete processing solution, reducing costs and time to launch.”

Alpha Data are excited to show more of this revolutionary new Space 2.0 DevKit in the months to come.

To learn more about the technical specifications of our product line for Extreme Environments, head to our latest brochure.