System Order Code Generation

This page enables the generation of order codes for individual products or for a complete system. You choose the FPGA board, the required I/O Module and the carrier you wish to use.

If the I/O Module or carrier you would like to use is not available this means that they are not compatible with the FPGA board selected.

When ordering an XRM IO Module for a preowned FPGA card select the FPGA board you are going to attach the XRM Module to to ensure only compatible XRMs can be selected.

Note: there may be combinations which are still not valid despite being passed here. Check with Alpha Data for confirmation of codes. Copy the entire box at the bottom of the page to ensure all configuration information is available.

FPGA Board Selection

Select FPGA Board :


I/O Module Selection

Select I/O Module :

No I/O Modules available for this product.

Carrier Board Selection

Select Carrier Board :

No carriers available for this product.

Order Codes for selected products

When ordering products copy all configuration information above to ensure correct choices are used.

Please check with Alpha Data to confirm latest compatibility status between FPGA boards and XRM Modules.

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