Alpha Data PCI Express Gen3 Reference Design Kit - Beta Release

Reference Design Kit - An Overview

The PCIE Gen3 Reference design has been designed to be installed on the Xilinx VC709 demonstration board. The design is provided with a demo core which runs for a limited time only after reset. A VC709 board locked core is available for prospective Alpha-Data customers on request. Alpha-Data customers who purchase an ADM-XRC-7V1 or ADM-VPX3-7V2[1] will be entitled to an unlocked core.

The same PCIe Gen3 Reference design can be instantiated in any system targeted at the Alpha-Data ADM-XRC-7V1 with VX690T-2 FPGA. The design is also pin compatible with the Alpha-Data ADM-VPX3-7V2[1].

The purpose of this reference design is to provide an easy migration path from the Xilinx VC709 low cost demonstration board which many customers may choose for their initial Reference to a deployable solution, suitable for rugged environments, such as the ADM-XRC-7V1 or ADM-VPX3-7V2[1]. The provision of the Alpha Data PCIe Gen3 backend IP, allows the use of the Alpha Data ADB3 driver and ADMXRC3 SDK to be used in the host software Reference. The backend IP provides direct memory mapped bus access from the processor's memory map into the FPGA. It also provides 4 high performance, 64-bit addressing capable, scatter gather DMA engines, each with their own independent memory mapped bus into the FPGA.

The reference design contains the following:

The reference design is compatible with the Alpha Data ADB3 driver for Virtex 6 and Virtex 7 boards. This driver is available for Windows, Linux and vxWorks, and will need to be installed to run any host applications. The reference design is compatible with several of the standard ADMXRC3 SDK applications, such as dump and info.

The backend interface to the user is provided as 5 OCP-IP memory mapped ports (128 bit wide for Direct Slave, and 256 bit wide for DMA transfers). These are similar to, but not identical to AXI-4 interfaces (full memory mapped, burst capable), and simple conversion blocks with minimal logic are available.

The PCI Express Gen 3 Reference Design Kit can be downloaded from the Alpha Data HTTPS Support site: PCI Express Gen3 Reference Design Kit.

Contact Sales at Alpha Data for further information.

[1] : Subject to minimal firmware modification. Contact Alpha Data for further details.

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