• VPX Test/Debug
  • PCIe
  • 10G Ethernet
  • 1G Ethernet
  • GPIO

Board Features

  • Dual QSFP28 Cages
  • Dual SFP Cages
  • Single iPASS Cage
  • External Clock inputs
  • JTAG socket
  • VPX 3U Rear Transition Module


The ADC-VPX3-XMC-RTM is a 3U, VPX, Rear Transition Module (RTM) designed to interface with Alpha Data VPX products.

The RTM provides complete breakout of all backplane signals providing the user with complete flexibility during development and debug. A PCIe Re-driver allows for PCIe interface in the data plane from a host PC with a PCIe cable breakout. Two zQSFP cages give high density HSSIO on the openVPX data and expansion planes. Two SFP cages give easy access to the two openVPX control planes. ATX Power connector with integrated current monitoring provides real time feedback of current draws on each power rail. Header pins provide easy access to all other general purpose IO.

Board Format

VPX 3U Rear Transition Module

Environmental Specifications

Temperature Limits:

CodeCooling OptionOperating Temp.Storage Temp.
AC0Air Cooled Commercial0°C+55°C-40°C+85°C

Conformal Coating Options:

Acrylic or Polyurethane

Contact sales for specification of coatings.

Operating Humidity range:

Up to 95% (non-condensing)

EMC Conformity:

FCC 47CFR Part 2
EN55022:2010 Equipment ClassB

For more information on the operating conditions for the different cooling options go to: Alpha Data Environmental Specification Page.

Or read: Alpha Data Environment Specification (PDF).

I/O Interfaces

Interface TypeQtyDescription
VPX I/O (RTM backpanel)
HSSIO2High-speed serial I/O channels to QSFQ28 cages
Connector: QSFP28 Cages
HSSIO2High-speed serial I/O channels to SFP cages
Connector: SFP Cages
HSSIO1High-speed serial I/O channels to iPASS interface
Connector: iPASS Cage
DISCRETE I/O (on-board)
GPIO Differential Pairs36Discrete differential pair I/O
Connector: PCB header
GPIO Single Ended16Discrete single ended I/O
Connector: PCB header
External clock input3External clock input
Connector: SMB connectors
JTAG Interface1JTAG Interface
Connector: PCB header


No software required

Ordering Code
ParametercodeParameter Description
Conformal Coatinga

blank = no conformal coating,
A = Acrylic,
P = Polyurethane

Contact sales for other ordering options


  • ADC-VPX3-XMC-RTM Board
  • One Year Warranty
  • One Year Technical Support

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