XRM2-ADC-S11 - RF/IF Signal Sampling



  • RF/IF Signal Sampling
  • High-speed Analog signal Sampling

Board Features

  • Single 12-bit 2000/2500Msps ADC
  • External Clock Input
  • Alpha Data XRM2 I/O Module


The XRM2-ADC-S11 is an XRM2 I/O Module, providing one Analog to Digital converter with 12-bit resolution and sampling rates up to 2000Msps (2500Msps with order code option /25).

Aimed at IF/RF Signal Sampling, the sampling clock can be sourced from either an external clock source or from a clock generated within the attached FPGA board. A programmable input attenuator can be used to vary the full scale input level over a 15 dB range. An Auxiliary I/O port is provided for use as a trigger input and general purpose signaling. The XRM2 communicates to the FPGA via a JESD204B high speed interface.

Board Format

Alpha Data XRM2 I/O Module

Environmental Specifications

Temperature Limits:

CodeCooling OptionOperating Temp.Storage Temp.
AC1Air Cooled Industrial-40°C+70°C-55°C+100°C

Operating Humidity range:

Up to 95% (non-condensing)

EMC Conformity:

FCC 47CFR Part 2
EN55022:2010 Equipment ClassB

For more information on the operating conditions for the different cooling options go to: Alpha Data Environmental Specification Page.

Or read: Alpha Data Environment Specification (PDF).

I/O Interfaces

Interface TypeQtyDescription
ANALOG I/O (Front Panel)
ADC1Single Analog to Digital Converter
Resolution: 12-bit
Max Clock Rate: 2000Msps (2500Msps with ordering option)
Impedance: 50Ω
Levels: full scale (attenuation=0 dB): +5dBm|full scale (attenuation=15 dB): +20dBm
Connector: SMA
DISCRETE I/O (Front Panel)
External clock input1External clock input
Max Clock Rate: 2500 MHz ( 2000MHz)
Impedance: 50Ω
Levels: -6dBm to +12dBm (nominal 0 dBm)
Connector: SMA
Note: Exceeding the maximum voltage limit may result in permanent degradation of converter
Auxiliary I/O1Auxiliary I/O
Impedance: 4k7Ω (DC Coupled)
Levels: +3V3 LVTTL (DC coupled)
Connector: SMA
User configurable as inputs or outputs, signals direct to FPGA pins.
Note: signals on these connectors must be restricted to 3V3 logic otherwise damage may result.


Example UCF, HDL files and Application software are provided with the board.

Ordering Code
ParametercodeParameter Description
Sampling Speedsp

blank = 2000Msps,
/25 = 2500Msps

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  • XRM2-ADC-S11 Board
  • One Year Warranty
  • One Year Technical Support

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