Alpha Data will showcase the ADM-PCIE-9V3 board featuring the Virtex® Ultrascale+™ FPGA at the Supercomputing Conference SC16, in Salt Lake City, November 14th-17th 2016.

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November 14, 2016: SC16, Salt Lake City, UT

Alpha Data, a leading supplier of high-performance FPGA solutions, will showcase the new ADM-PCIE-9V3 FPGA accelerator card at the Supercomputing Conference, November 14-17, in Salt Lake City. The ADM-PCIE-9V3, ideal for a variety of HPC applications, is a half-length, low profile, PCI Express® add-in card designed to support the Xilinx® Virtex® Ultrascale+™ VU3P-2 in the FFVC1517 package.

A key feature of the ADM-PCIE-9V3 is the 16 lane PCIe Gen3 or 8 lane PCIe Gen4 interface, which allows for maximum data throughput. The ADM-PCIE-9V3 is equipped with front IO via 2x QSFP28 sockets, each supporting one 100GbE with RS-FEC or four 25GbE interfaces. Full profile card slots can also support two additional 100GbE interfaces via Samtec FireFly® modules, allowing this board to become a massive network device with 4x 100GbE ports.

The board also includes two x72 DDR4-2400 ECC memory banks each provide 8GB of on-board DDR4-2400 memory. System monitoring of temperature, voltage, and current gives developers accurate feedback of power utilization for their designs. An optional Board Support Package (BSP) with example FPGA designs, application software, mature Application Programming Interface (API) and driver support for MS Windows and Linux is available, thus enabling cloud-scale deployments in Hyperscale Data CentersThe ADC-PCIE-9V3 comes with low-profile and full-height front brackets (low-profile bracket fitted as standard) and an optional blower for low air-flow systems.

“The new Alpha Data 9V3 combines power efficiency with high throughput and is a great addition to the growing lineup of reconfigurable accelerator boards based on the 16nm Virtex Ultrascale+™ family. This FPGA-powered board has the versatility to accelerate networking, storage, and computing applications in the Data Center and greatly reduce TCO with an out-of-the box experience for cloud-scale deployments.”

Manoj Roge, Director, Data Center Strategy and Marketing at Xilinx.

Alpha Data’s FPGA accelerator board product line also includes the ADM-PCIE-7V3, the ADM-PCIE-KU3, the ADM-PCIE-8K5, and the ADM-PCIE-8V3, which are intended for datacenter applications requiring high-throughput processing and software acceleration. Software based development flows will also be supported by the hardware using OpenPOWER CAPI and the Xilinx SDAccel™ Development Environment.

“OpenPOWER embodies IBM’s commitment to working with industry leaders to implement the best new approaches and ideas to increase the datacenter performance that is so critical to AI and deep learning. The high bandwidth I/O and PCI-E Gen4 support that define Alpha Data’s new ADM-PCIE-9V3 card solve critical problems for businesses that rely on accelerated computing and align with CAPI SNAP and the vision IBM sees for the industry overall.”

Bruce Wile, IBM Distinguished Engineer.

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Alpha Data will be giving away a free ADM-PCIE-KU3 board to one lucky winner at SC16! Stop by booth #2607 to register in our prize draw and become one step closer to dramatic acceleration of your compute-intensive applications.

Visitors can also learn more from Xilinx by visiting booth #3640 and from IBM in booth #1018.

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About Alpha Data

Established in 1993, Alpha Data is a world leader in high performance Xilinx FPGA based plug-in acceleration boards for Data Center and high-performance computing applications including video processing, machine learning, and network acceleration. Alpha Data’s low-cost, power-efficient accelerators leverage Xilinx’s All Programmable FPGAs and the SDAccel development environment for Open CL, C and C++ to accelerate processing, increase data throughput, and deliver power optimized solutions for computing clusters. Designed to be server-friendly for large scale data center deployment, Alpha Data’s range of FPGA accelerator boards are all in a low-profile PCIe format with passive cooling.

Alpha Data also offers a Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) enabled acceleration kit featuring Xilinx UltraScale FPGAs. CAPI on Power8/9 systems provides a high-performance solution for the implementation of client-specific, computation-heavy algorithms on an FPGA.

Alpha Data’s high-reliability hardware platforms are ideal for development as well as full-scale production deployment.

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