The ADA-R9100 is a 1U 19 Rack Mount appliance based around the AMD Ultrascale+ VU2P Ultra Low Latency FPGA. This appliance is designed to provide the lowest latency access to the highest number of ultra-low latency GTF transceivers that are the unique feature of the VU2P device.

32 Extremely low latency channels are provided via SFP+ connections on the front panel, with trace delays of less than 1ns. The other 40 low latency channels, have trace delays of less than 3ns and connect to 10 QSFP28 connections on the front panel.

Multiple clock jitter attenuators are available on appliance FPGA board to allow source synchronous clocking of GTF receivers. The FPGA board also features 16GB DDR4 SODIMM and 576Mb of QDRII+ SRAM.

The appliance is data center deployment ready, and can be remotely managed using the embedded ASRockRack ROME4ID-2T motherboard. This platform features an ATSPEED BMC that allows remote management and power cycling of the system. The CPU sub-system features an AMD EPYC7002 series processor, 32GB DDR4 and 64GB NVMe pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux OS. This system is powerful enough to run the AMD Vivado toolset for advanced remote debug and development. Additional comprehensive system monitoring of the complete appliance is available in standby and fully powered up via Ethernet, IPMI and USB functionality. The CPU sub-system can connect to the FPGA via PCIe Gen3x8.

The appliance features a dual redundant power supply, for server class reliability


Low Latency Trading
In-Network Compute
High-Frequency Trading
High-speed Communications Hub

Board Features

Rack-mount 1U Chassis
Highly optimised signal tracking for ultra low-latency QSFP-DD Communications
32x SFP+ cages
10x QSFP Cages
Integrated ADM EPYC CPU System

FPGA Features (Hard IP)

72x Accessible Ultra-Low Latency GTF transceivers
1x PCI Express x8 Gen4 core


Board Format

1U 19 inch Rack Mount

Environmental Specifications

Temperature Limits
Operating Temperature RangeStorage Temperature Range
AC0Air Cooled Commercial0°C+55°C-40°C+85°C

Operating Humidity Range:
Up to 95% (non-condensing)

FCC 47CFR Part 2
EN55022 Equipment Class A

Host I/F

PCI Express Gen4 x8

Target Device

AMD Virtex® UltraScale Plus™
XCVU2P-3 (FSVJ2104)

FPGA Resources


FPGA Hard IP Cores

72x Accessible Ultra-Low Latency GTF transceivers
1x PCI Express x8 Gen4 core

Board Management

The ADA-R9100 houses an ASRockRack ROME4ID-2T server class embedded motherboard for local application execution and chassis management. This features a powerful AMD EPYC7002 series processor, 32GB DDR4 and 64GB NVMe pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux OS. It also features an ATSPEED BMC to allow remote management and power cycling of the system, as well as remote system monitoring of the FPGA card and front panel modules and cables even when powered down to standby mode.

Target FPGA Configuration

FPGA Configuration Flash

Flash TypeFlash Size

I/O Interfaces

Interface TypeQtyDescription
Chassis Ethernet33x 1/10G RJ45 Ethernet for CPU Sub-system

High-Speed Network Interfaces

Interface TypeQtyLanes per InterfaceData Rate per LaneProtocol Capability
SFP+32128GbpsFor 10/25G Ethernet
QSFP2810428GbpsFor 10/25/40/100G Ethernet

Ordering Information

Ordering Code

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ADA-R9100 Board
One Year Warranty
One Year Technical Support


Please contact Alpha Data for full details on the available support packages for the ADA-R9100.

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