Alpha Data’s Latest ADM-PA100 Board

Featuring the Xilinx Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform

The ADM-PA100 is an adaptable PCIe form factor Versal™ ACAP acceleration platform suitable for early development and rapid deployment of solutions based on Xilinx™ Versal ACAP devices.

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About Alpha Data

Alpha Data is a global supplier of high-performance reconfigurable computer platforms and support software with over thirty years of technical heritage. We work with Xilinx to provide leading-edge solutions across a range of markets from Aerospace to Rugged and Embedded Communications.

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Alpha Data’s ADM-VPX3-9Z5 Development Board

The ADM-VPX3-9Z5 is a compact development board designed for high altitudes and harsh environments, boasting an FMC+ socket for customisable functionality. This military-specification prototype board has many high reliability features, and includes options for mitigation against single event latch-up, significant in many high altitude and potential NewSpace applications for proton environment.

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Alpha Data, committed to providing solutions

Xilinx exclusive

Xilinx exclusive

We have expert knowledge of Xilinx devices and tools. Find out more about Xilinx solutions.

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Flexible across markets

Flexible across markets

We produce tailored solutions for diverse markets. Find out more about the markets we design for, from data centres to orbit.


Trusted partner

Trusted partner

With over 25 years’ experience, we’ve learnt that customers want more than just quality hardware.

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Working together across markets...

Test and Measurement, Space, Aerospace and Defence, Telecommunications,
Financial Technology, Data Centre and High-Performance Computing

Custom Solutions

Technology leaders, building custom solutions

Modified-COTS (MCOTS) is an Alpha Data service which takes advantage of existing designs, providing customers with a tailored product while minimising risk and non-recurring engineering costs. This also allows customers to use existing COTS hardware to develop their systems while Alpha Data designs and manufactures the final MCOTS product.

Custom Solutions

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The Alpha Data website has a new look 3 March 2021

The Alpha Data website has a new look

Our new-and-improved website provides an easy-to-navigate showcase for Alpha Data products and services Alpha Data is excited to present its new and improved website. As well as showcasing Alpha Data products and services, our new website presents our company values, …

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Alpha Data partner with AstroAgency as its marketing partner 3 January 2021

Alpha Data partner with AstroAgency as its marketing partner

Alpha Data has appointed space marketing company AstroAgency as its marketing partner. The Edinburgh-based strategic space marketing agency will support Alpha Data with market analysis, media relations, and strategic marketing, as well as helping craft content for social media and …

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The Xilinx Versal ACAP accelerator board 3 January 2021

The Xilinx Versal ACAP accelerator board

Alpha Data’s latest ADM-PA100 board featuring the Xilinx Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform November 6, 2020: Golden, Colorado & Edinburgh, Scotland Alpha Data, the leading supplier of Commercial Off-the-Shelf FPGA solutions has released the ADM-PA100, the first deployable adaptive computing acceleration …

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XILINX Wind River Texas Instruments


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About Alpha Data

Alpha Data is a world leader in FPGA-based acceleration boards, providing excellence in reconfigurable computing for sectors ranging from aerospace to high-performance computing.

In each of the markets we serve, our mission is to provide world-leading components in terms of performance, flexibility, and scalability.

With over thirty years of technical heritage, Alpha Data’s components are ruggedized and resilient — perfectly suited to demanding applications both on ground and in space. Our products are accelerated by decades of experience working with Xilinx systems — and our ongoing partnership with Xilinx gives us access to the latest advances in silicon engineering.

Our guiding purpose is to create products that we would choose to use ourselves. This flows through everything the company does — from creative design and customized solutions to expert technical insight.

Committed to both engineering excellence and building rewarding business relationships, Alpha Data prides itself on providing not only top-quality components, but also software, expertise and outstanding customer support.

Alpha Data | Design. Develop. Deploy


Adaptable Technology Strategy
Alpha Data’s adaptable technology strategy makes sure that our customers get to market faster and for longer. Our Modified COTS service provides tailored products at a fraction of the cost or risk of a fully custom solution, as well as a flexible choice of high-performance I/O options.

Cutting-Edge FPGAs
Alpha Data have access to the fastest, most advanced Xilinx FGPAs. We offer software for industry-standard operating systems and a choice of industry-standard platforms for seamless migration from development to embedded environments.

Full Lifecycle Services
Alpha Data supplies more than just hardware. From consultancy and co-development of custom solutions to technical support and training, Alpha Data supports clients across the full product lifecycle.

Design, Develop, Deploy

Alpha Data makes the latest FPGA technology accessible to our customers.