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  • Board Format : Half-Length, low profile x16 PCIe form factor
  • Host I/F : PCI Express® Gen3 x16 / Gen4 x8
  • Target Device : Xilinx® Virtex® Ultrascale Plus™ : VU3P-2 - FFVC1517
  • SDRAM : 2x banks of 1G x 72, DDR4-2400 (16GiB total), upgradeable to 16GiB, DDR4-1866 (dual bank devices), per bank (32 GiB total)
  • FLASH : On-board re-programmable flash memory for embedded configuration
  • Optional integrated Board Support Package (BSP) including FPGA example designs, plug and play drivers and API. Note: Windows release available with the Linux release due May 2018.


  • Data Center
  • Network Accelerator
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Data Processing
  • System Modeling
  • Market Analysis


The ADM-PCIE-9V3 is a half-length, low profile, PCI Express® Add-In Card featuring the powerful and efficient Xilinx Virtex Ultrascale™ Plus VU3P-2 FPGA..

16 lane PCIe Gen3 or 8 lane PCIe Gen4 capable Interface.

Front IO with 2x QSFP28 sockets, each supporting one 100GbE or four 25GbE interfaces. Onboard Ultraport SlimSAS Connector for OpenCAPI Connectivity.

Two 1G x72 DDR4-2400 ECC memory banks each provide 8GiB of on-board DDR4-2400 memory (72 bits wide).

System monitoring of temperature, voltage, and current gives developers accurate feedback of power utilization for their designs.

This card comes with low-profile and full-height front brackets (low-profile bracket fitted as standard) and an optional blower for low air-flow systems.

FPGA Resources

Xilinx Virtex Ultrascale Plus™Flip-FlopsLUTsDSP SlicesBRAMURAM
VU3P-2788k394k228025.3 Mb90.0 Mb

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Ordering Information

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ADM-PCIE-9V3 (m)(q)(g)

DDR4 Memory Options


blank = 8Gb parts, 8GiB DDR4-2400 per bank, 16GiB total,

/32GB = 16Gb DDR4-1866 parts, 16GiB per bank, 32 GiB total

QSFP cages and Optical Modules


blank = QSFP28 cages only,

/Q10 = 2x 40G QSFP Optical module

(40GBASE-SR4 150m),

/Q14 = 2x 56G QSFP Optical module

(56G Infiniband 100m),

/Q25 = 2x 100G QSFP Optical module

(100GBASE-SR4 100m)

GPIO (available in full height bracket only)


blank = none,

Contact alpha data for customizable options (timing input, RS232, RS485, Direct FPGA Connections)

Sample Code :


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RD-9V3 Reference Design

Support and Development Kit

The contents of the SDK can be viewed in


The ADM-PCIE-9V3 SDK and Driver can be downloaded** from here:

Windows SDK: v1.0.0 (11th May 2018)

** Purchase of RD-9V3 shown here is required to download the SDK.

Contact Alpha Data support if you have any problems or questions.

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