The ADA-SDEV-KIT3 is a Development Kit for the AMD Radiation Tolerant Kintex Ultrascale XQRKU060 Space-Grade FPGA.

The AMD XQRKU060 is a leap forward in Space-Grade FPGA performance, providing around 5x the performance of the previous generation of Space Grade FPGA. This enables the deployment in space of far more advanced communications, signal processing, image processing and machine learning applications.

The board powers the FPGA with a reference TI power supply design, based around the TPS7H4001-SP 18A QMLV Buck Converter, and other Space Grade TI parts.

With a reference power supply in place, the Alpha Data ADA-SDEV-KIT3 not only allows the user to prototype their FPGA application in the lab, and validate its performance with realistic power constraints, it can also help fast track the development of the Space deployable system providing a proven Space Grade capable design for much of the FPGA support circuitry.

Modular design with Industrial XCKU060 in -1 speed grade, One user HPC FMC+ and one user LPC FMC site for user use of 3rd party FMC cards, XRTC compatible Configuration FMC Module, DDR3 DRAM in a SODIMM, System Monitoring and reference Space-Grade Power and Temperature Sensing solutions from Texas Instruments, using electro mechanically compatible parts. See for further details.
The ADA-SDEV-KIT3 is a minor enhancement to the previous version, allowing improved FMC compatibility between 3rd party FMC cards on the user slots and introducing the next generation Configuration FMC module for the XRTC Config-FMC site: the ADM-SDEV-CFG2.
This enhanced configuration module, allows easier access for third party microcontroller boards to access the SelectMap for scrubbing solution implementation, with a 60 way SAMTEC QSH connector holding the QSPI devices on a daughter module, allowing them to be easily replaced by a cable. A Gigabit Ethernet PHY with RJ45 connector and RS232/485 serial connections allow far better support for microblaze based applications.


Lab. based prototyping of XQRKU060 space applications


Space-Grade Power and Temperature Sensing solutions from Texas Instruments
FMC+ HPC Interface
FMC LPC Interface
SODIMM Memory Socket (8GB Fitted)

ADM-SDEV-CFG2 Features

XRTC Compatible Config FMC Interface


Board Format

Development Platform
Width: 165 mm
Height: 65 mm
Depth: 225 mm
Weight: Including Heatsink/Fan ~ 900 g

Environmental Specifications

Temperature Limits
Operating Temperature RangeStorage Temperature Range
AC0Air Cooled Commercial0°C+55°C-40°C+85°C

Operating Humidity Range:
Up to 95% (non-condensing)

Host I/F


Target Device

AMD Kintex® UltraScale™
XCKU060-1-I, XQRKU060-(CA1509) (1FFVA1517)

FPGA Resources

Chosen DeviceFFsLUTsDSPsBRAM

On Board Memory

Memory TypeNo. BanksMemory Size (per bank)
SODIMMs11G x 72 (8GiB) DDR3-1600

Target FPGA Configuration

configured by XRTC compatible Configuration FMC or through JTAG socket on the Configuration FMC

FPGA Configuration Flash

Flash TypeFlash Size

I/O Interfaces

Interface TypeQtyDescription
ON-BOARD I/O (FMC+ Socket)
FMC+ HPC Interface24High-speed Serial IO
FMC+ HPC Interface160/80Single Ended/Differential Pair I/O
FMC LPC Interface4High-speed Serial IO
FMC LPC Interface68/34Single Ended/Differential Pair I/O
ON-BOARD I/O (FMC mounted PCI Express Connector)
XRTC Compatible Configuration FMC Interface1PCI Express x1 Interface
ON-BOARD I/O (FMC mounted USB Connector)
XRTC Compatible Configuration FMC Interface1USB Interface
ON-BOARD I/O (FMC mounted SATA Connectors)
XRTC Compatible Configuration FMC Interface2SATA Interfaces
ON-BOARD I/O (Commercial Grade QSPI flash for power on configuration)
XRTC Compatible Configuration FMC Interface1QSPI Flash Interface

Ordering Information

Ordering Code
NoteNote This is the Rev3 assembly (rev 2 base PCB, ADM-SDEV-CFG2 Config-FMC), contact sales for other configuration options.
For rev2 (ADA-SDEV-KIT2/C) and rev1 (ADA-SDEV-KIT) pricing and availability contact sales.


Reference Designs: (RD-SDEV)

The RD-SDEV contains a suite of Vivado reference designs demonstrating how to use the board, including PCIe DMA examples, DDR4 memory examples, and GT IBERT example. The ADA-SDEV-KIT2 also uses the RD-SDEV reference designs.

PCIe examples are compatible with the ADXDMA Driver and API.

Download Reference Designs [Login Required]

Download the ADXDMA Driver [Login Required]


One-Year Warranty
One-Year Technical Support

ADA-SDEV-KIT3 Deliverables:

HardwareADM-SDEV-BASE - XCKU060-1I FPGA board
ADM-SDEV-CFG2 - XRTC Compatible FMC configuration board
DocumentationADM-SDEV-BASE User Manual
ADM-SDEV-CFG2 User Manual
ADA-SDEV-KIT Programming Guide
ADM-SDEV-BASE Schematics (PDF)
ADM-SDEV-CFG2 Schematics (PDF)
ADM-SDEV-BASE Bill of Materials (EXCEL format)
ADM-SDEV-BASE PCB Layout files (Cadence Allegro format)
FirmwareAMD Constraints Files
Example DDR3 Memory SDK project
Example GPIO, IBERT and Clock Test projects
SoftwareAVR2UTIL.EXE - remote access FPGA board status monitoring utility

Additional Resources Required:

HardwareATX power supply - 24pin ATX12V 2.X (min 100W on +5V rail)
AMD Platform Cable USB II -
USB Cable (to fit onboard Micro-USB AB connector) for remote monitoring using AVR2UTIL.EXE utility (requires separate PC to run software on)
SoftwareAMD Vivado Design Suite - 2018.1 or later


Please contact Alpha Data for full details on the available support packages for the ADA-SDEV-KIT3.

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